Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Perspective

Wow! It has been 12 months since we first visited Haiti, and excitedly, we made the journey again. So blessed to see Rebecca and the boys again.  Her efforts impact so many.  I bet when we all get to Heaven, Rebecca is one of those who God saves a special spot for at the front of the line.  The Haitian spirit of joy and faith continues to endure for many, despite the challenges of daily life. Visiting Pascal's, Jimmy Bono's, and Mother Teresa's Nutrition Center quickly brought back fond memories of last time, but also new perspective as I watch our new team digest each challenge and blessing.  Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying, and the children at Lesly's are my favorite opportunities to make connections.  Even though clean up and rebuild efforts seem to be moving forward, there will never be a shortage of those who need love, hope, and faith.   Praying for Rebecca's continued safety, strength, wisdom, and vision.  God Bless!

Mark Tooker


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