Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haiti Mission

Today we went to our church's sponsored orphanage. Our team brought in trucks of fill in order to divert pooling water which was bringing mosquitos. One of the kids gave me a baby boy and a bottle of juice to feed him with. The baby's name was Kelvans. He was plumb and cuddly the way a baby should be. Most of the babies we had seen a few days before at Mother Teresa's Nutrition Center were much too thin especially in their limbs.

I met a girl named Waseejka. She is twelve years old and spoke very good English. She told me that her mother is dead and that her mom from Kentucky sends money so she can learn English. She is going to be adopted and move to Kentucky.

The girl who stole my heart was CarolynD. She is a beautiful eight year old girl with a big bright smile. She was very attached to me and wanted to be near or sit with me at all times.

I met another girl whose name was Misha. Misha seemed very sad and she welled up in tears now and again. She took the bubbles that were given to all but she did not play with them. We had trouble communicating as I tried to determine what was wrong. She overheard me asking Waseejka about her Kentucky mom and Misha told me that her mother is dead and her father is dead. She seemed to want comforting and I kept her close and at times she laid her head in my lap and sometimes seemed to be asleep for a few minutes. I asked Waseejka why she cried and Waseejka asked Misha what was wrong. She told me that her head hurts and pointed out to me that Misha had a big lump on her forehead between the eyes. I asked one of our interpreter/guide to inquire about her to see if she might need some medical attention. He determined that about a year ago Misha had suffered an accident and that since then she gets very painful headaches from time to time. I was sad that she will likely continue to suffer and wished I'd had some children's tylenol to help ease her pain.

These girls were around the ages of my two nieces who are very near and dear to my heart. I thought about how much better lives they enjoy-simple comforts and love everyday.

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