Sunday, June 26, 2011

She told me she loved me

We went to Lesly's orphanage today. A lot more children then I expected.  The one thing I did notice is the connection the children had with us.  They had so much life in them and were happy.  I connected with a little girl named Crystala.  She was around three years old.  Beautiful, big eyes and smile.  She laughed at the smallest things.  We had some bubbles with us and she thought it was fun to chase them.  She was talking a lot but I did not know what she was saying so I found someone to interpret, turns out she was saying "I Love You".  That just about broke my heart.  I told her I loved her and that God loves her.  It made it all seem clear to me why I was brought here.  I was not going to fix everything in Haiti or in that orphanage, but I was there to tell Crystala that someone loved her today.

June 26, 2011
Denise Zumbo
New York 

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