Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lesley's Orphanage

This morning our team went to Lesley's Orphanage to find mounds of dirt ready to be spread along the ground.  I raked with the team for about 40 minutes until I needed a break.  I went over to get my water and made my way over to the bench to sit down and have my haired braided by my new friend Chantel.  She spent a good long time on my hair and at one point bent forward and asked me, "Lidia, do you love me?'' I replied, "yes Chantel, I love you."  She got me thinking about the one thing all humans desire...to be loved and special to someone.  Our Pastor back home in New York has been preaching for months about the only thing that matters, "Love God, Love Others."  This young girl already knows what the most important thing in life is.  LOVE!  May we show the love of Jesus to every single child, woman, & man.  Jezi remen ou!

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