Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blessings Abound

Blessings abound!  I came to Haiti to give, serve, and be a blessing to others but the reverse has happened - and disproportionately so!!  Our day began with a visit to a small, remote orphanage.  As we entered through the gate we heard children singing.  We later learned that it was an impromptu church service led by a 13 year old girl. The children were dressed in their best clothes - boys in suits, girls in beautiful dresses.  They sang energetically as they praised the Lord within their small concrete classroom.  How precious to see them worshipping our God, not because an adult told them to do so, but because they are joyful and grateful for what they do have.   

God's timing was all over this visit.  We were supposed to go to a different orphanage first, but we showed up too early.  So we continued on to this one.  As we handed out specially prepared gifts to the children, I thought, how beautiful it is that we could be Jesus' hands - blessing the children with gifts as they sang and praised their Heavenly Father.  And, in turn, we were blessed as we admired their emphatic love of the Lord despite all of their daily challenges of survival.  God placed our group with those children at a very special moment in time.  Everyone in that room was blessed by unexpected circumstances.  Our God is a great God! 
Beth Tooker

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