Wednesday, March 30, 2011

look at that smile!

we went to Mother Theresa's home for the sick and dying a couple days ago and held and loved babies who were so sick and tiny and wanting affection. i noticed after a while of holding them, they would show bits of their personality. my heartbreak was that i didn't have 80 arms to smile at them and hold them and give them all attention at the same time the whole day long.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We need them more...

Hi everyone!
We have had a great couple of days. Yesterday, we rented a tour bus and took almost 30 street kids to the Historic Park near Aristides' house. It was kind of interesting because they were all so serious. You all know how boistrous they are when we visit them. Well, they were all very quiet and serious. On the bus I was told that they all looked out the windows with very little emotion. During the tour, they all stayed in line and listened to the whole tour. Kids in the U.S. would never have behaved so nicely.

The park was very professional, clean and beautiful! It showed what the slaves went through and how they made sugar from the abundant sugar cane here in Haiti. It was quite fun learning about it.
Today, Sunday we all went to church and then headed back over to the Street Kids. Jimmy gave a Bible lesson to the kids and then we let them look at pictures of themselves. They played games and just had fun. As Americans or Canadians, we naturally assume that those in poorer countries need us. However, so many times we are humbled when we realize how much we have recieved from those that we think we are serving. I wonder whom needs whom more? I'm quickly gaining the opinion that we need them more.

To top the day off we had devotional and then we played the skittle game. The Skittle game is a wild game of teams trying to blow a Skittle off the opposite side of the table. It was a great day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Three Librarians

Hi everyone! Today was a great day. We started the day by organizing and delivering food to an orphanage that we don't get to very often. I haven't been there for quite awhile and was pleasantly surprised with the improvements. All the kids were all dressed up in school uniforms and were in school when we arrived.

We took pictures of all of the students and staff. The pictures will be used for their new library cards. Each child will be able to check out a book when our mobile learning center visits. We will stay for about 2 hours. During those two hours they can check out books. We are hoping to give a lesson tomorrow on how to take care of books.

I am so excited to start! I will be even more excited when we have our center opened and also when we have computers and the internet!

Then the team spent the afternoon finishing the cataloging the books, making the pockets in the cover and organizing the math worksheets.

The only downer of the day was when we ran over an old computer monitor and ruined our tire. I hated to have to sink $200 for a tire that wasn't old! Bummer.