Monday, July 18, 2011

God Bless you, I will forever Thank you

To everyone reading this blog,

The moment i stepped off the plane in Haiti i new i would never look at this crazy world the same. I have felt every emotion my body knows how to feel. i've felt devestated, guilt, sadness, hope, joy, humbled, blessed, and most important forever changed. It all started with rose. She was the first six month old little girl that i held. I don't know if she'll live tomorrow, or if she's alive today, or if she'll be alive in a year. But i do know she will go knowing what it was like to have someone love her and think she was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, because that's what i felt.

Next was the wound clinic. I hope to be a doctor one day and so i thought this will be right up my ally. The second i walked in i felt pain, i smelt pain, i heard pain...i let myself cry and feel fear, only inside, for ten seconds and then for the next five hours i devoted myself to these people the best i could. I had one boy or man tell me "god bless you, i will forever thank you". What i did for him will never compare to what that man did for me. We're not the one's helping these people so much..they're helping us. They're helping us see what living is. what this crazy life is actually about. how intimate we should be with everyone surrounding us. We have so much to learn from them. We went to Jimmy Bono's home for street boys. We had brought finger nail polish for the few girls that we're staying there. One boy grabbed neon pink nail polish and asked if he could paint my nails. i will never get another mainicure again. his will always be the best. I am so thankful for this expierience. i am so thankful for these beautiful people surrounding me and i am so thankful for rebecca. She talks a lot about mother teresa but i hope she knows that to me she is my mother teresa...


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