Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Welcome Back

My welcome back
I chuckle as I think of my first day back to Haiti. First, I really couldn't believe that I was moving back. I didn't anticipate that I would do this again, even for just a summer. But, as I was on the plane I found myself getting excited to get back and "get my hands dirty." Well, Haiti welcomed me back in all her glory. As I stepped out of the terminal into the blazing heat, I was greeted first by Jimmy. He was allowed to come past the guards to find me. We hugged and proceeded to make our way to the street. Once out of the gate, I saw Michelet and Bony. We were truly happy to see each other. To get to the street is no small feat. You have to shout at and swat all of the men that are trying to get a tip by putting their hands on your luggage cart. And then, there are large holes that you are trying to navigate you cart over and through. The temporary terminal area is directly next to the street and there is absolutely no room. Wall to wall
people and cars make it difficult to move.  I tried to suggest that instead of pushing the cart, it may easier for the 3 boys to each carry a bag to the truck. All looked at me with blank stares. It just is not done that way was the silent message. So, I trailed behind as they pushed the cart on the rocky dirt side and in between cars in the road. They pushed several hundred yards down the street to where the truck was parked. Tips were paid and greetings to Patrick were said. The luggage was loaded in the back of the truck. As I was preparing to get into the truck, Patrick explained to me that the Truck was broken down. The Alternator was falling out and loose. He showed me where a bolt had fallen out and all of the belts were loose. He said the mechanic was on the way. Well, I know what that means, so I said that I would get a tap-tap to the house. We were only able to get a Van tap-tap. (Which was always the worst!) I climbed in over the people and
sat on a small ledge with my back up against the driver staring at the van full of people.  I smiled and greeted those in front of me. Bony, Jimmy and I chatted as we caught up. My recurring thoughts were "I love this!" and "Welcome Home".

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