Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you Carl

Carl left today. He was such a HUGE help!Thanks Carl! Rebecca, Chad, Ryan and Kevin will most likely leave on Tuesday. We are happy to report that all of the orphans we work with are doing okay. Another orphanage we were asked to assist, but never made it to, is also fine. I spoke to the adoption coordinator for that orphanage yesterday and she said they were able to get all of the children that were close to adoption to the U.S. a few days ago.

Since the earthquake we (with the help of God and all of you) have been able to assist the orphanages with food and water. Today Rebecca arranged for a port-a-potty to be delivered to Infants of Jesus Orphanage (IOJ). Right now the children are going to the bathroom in a bucket and dumping it in a nearby field.

Our plans for rebuilding are already underway. Our first priority is to build a cinder block wall around the IOJ property. This is really important for the children's safety. Our plans also include rebuilding the orphanage in the coming months. The orphanage building, which was only 2 small bedrooms to begin with, is still standing however will have to be torn down due to extensive damage.

I'm sure Rebecca will have a lot more to tell when she returns in a few days. We'll continue to keep you all updated. Thank you so much for your support and generosity!

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