Saturday, January 30, 2010

Support disaster relief for the children of Haiti

While Rebecca was in Haiti she assisted at a medical clinic where she met James Schwartz, a trauma nurse. They became friends and after learning about FFCIN's mission to help Haiti's children (immediately and long-term) he wrote the following:

Here in Haiti the needs are endless, teams of doctors and nurses are treating patients. The UN, the US, and international programs are delivering food and water. Long term however the needs will continue and the issues will change.

As all the world knows almost every structure in Haiti as either collapsed or is unsafe. Rebuilding will be a long and difficult process both due to logistics as well as materials. Building supplies have already begun to skyrocket in price and equipment to move supplies is limited.

One of the most at risk populations in Haiti right now are the children, only the fittest survive, and grown men are not above stealing from children and mothers. The children need a safe place to receive the most basic of care... food, water, and a soft touch to comfort them and ease their pain as they deal with the trauma of one of the most horrific tragedies in human history.

Imagine surviving a deadly natural disaster only to learn your mother, father, brothers, sisters have not survived. They wander aimlessly looking for food water shelter... no one to care for them and make sure they are safe.

As we try to create areas of safety for the children, native orphanages are a critical piece to a child’s ability to heal physically and psychologically, without a roof over their heads, food and water, and a caring touch these children will either not survive or grow up into the future bandits or gangsters of Haiti.

With just the most basic of resources, not only can we heal the children of today but impact the children of Haiti for years to come. When these children have someone to set an example for them, care for them, and raise them to be good stewards of the community, they will not end up angry and full of hatred, only displaying the survival skills by tormenting the future generations of Haiti.

Please find the hope in your hearts, and the money in your wallets to help the children of Haiti become the future leaders of a resilient people. Won't you join us in leading the children to the Promised Land, rather than feeding them to the wolves of bandits and gangs on the street? Logistics and materials can be obtained and organized, but only people can mobilize to help a country.

Written by James Schwartz, R.N.
Emergency Medical Relief Team, PAP Haiti

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