Wednesday, March 30, 2011

look at that smile!

we went to Mother Theresa's home for the sick and dying a couple days ago and held and loved babies who were so sick and tiny and wanting affection. i noticed after a while of holding them, they would show bits of their personality. my heartbreak was that i didn't have 80 arms to smile at them and hold them and give them all attention at the same time the whole day long.
it really is amazing what love and affection can do for someone. those babies need so much love, and at the same time have so much love to give.
yesterday we went to Gertude's orphanage for children with special needs. i really felt immediately at ease when i walked in there. children with special needs have such a sweet spirit. they have no boundaries which i love. they smiled a lot and some were loud and vocal and there was such a great energy there. we showed them Sesame Street with a projector and it was very fun to watch the kids, watch the show. a little boy that one of the volunteers was holding, smiled from ear to ear the entire time and clapped and sang.
when i have heard others talk about doing volunteer work here in Haiti, you can tell there is a lot they can't explain. Now that I am here, i think that will be the case when i return home. certain emotions i feel here when i'm in a certain situation are so hard to describe because it's rarely just one emotion. it's a combination of sadness, hope, amusement, soberness, love, and fifty others all at one time.
i'm looking forward to today, and the rest of the days  here and already feeling sad about leaving. i'm realizing how important it is to take in every moment i'm here because it's short lived. guess i'll just have to keep coming back. :)

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